“Tolerance is what keeps humanity together, I believe.”

—Anne Willem Meijer, Member of the Dutch Resistance

Besa Film Screening

Mayerson JCC in partnership with The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, present two screenings of the film Besa: The Promise. This is the remarkable story of the Muslim men and women of Albania who saved the lives of nearly 2,000 Jews during World War II is told through the prism of two men. One is an Albanian Muslim who must fufill his “besa” — an honor code; the other is an American Jew who documents his quest. The film is a powerful look at an historic example of basic human solidarity. Proceeding each screening, participate in a talk-back with Sarah Weiss, Executive Director of The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education.

Screening 1: Tuesday, February 18th  7:30pm at the Kenwood Theater, 7815 Kenwood Road, Cincinnnati

Screening 2: Wednesday, February 26th  1:00pm at the Mayerson JCC, 8485 Ridge Road, Cincinnati

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The Jewish & Israeli Film Festival runs from February 8th – 27th. Films will be shown in four theater venues over a three week period. Cincinnati’s Jewish & Israeli Film Festival presents the diversity of Jewish culture and Israeli life to challenge, explore and celebrate our similarities and differences with other people, religions and countries.The Festival features the best of Israel’s thriving film industry from contemporary dramas to documentaries from established and emerging filmmakers as well as a selection of Jewish interest films produced outside Israel.