“Everybody — every human being — has the obligation to contribute somehow to this world”

—Edith Carter, Holocaust Survivor

Capital Campaign


Union Terminal

The Holocaust & Humanity Center (HHC) has been quietly touching the lives of tens of thousands of students and community members for more than fifteen years.  Now, HHC has a historic opportunity to transform even more hearts and minds through an expansion and relocation to a prominent Cincinnati landmark, Union Terminal, which houses the Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) a one-of-a-kind, multi-museum. CMC is the largest cultural institution in the city of Cincinnati, with more 1 million visitors per year. This unique partnership will be the first of its kind in the United States, putting Cincinnati on the map for bringing the lessons of the Holocaust into the civic conversation.

The time for this relocation to the Union Terminal is now as HHC sits at an important crossroads. As Holocaust survivors pass away, there is an urgency to get their stories out, not just to reach those who already know, but also to engage with new audiences. At a time of rising hatred, antisemitism, and violent extremism around the world, the lessons of the Holocaust are needed now more than ever.

We need your support to make this vision a reality. 

Holocaust survivor, Henry Fenichel speaking to students.

HHC’s duty to combat hatred has never been more critical than it is today. One need only read a local newspaper or watch the news to know that acts of violence, fueled by hatred and prejudice, are on the rise, both around the globe and here at home. By relocating, vastly increased numbers of people will have the opportunity to learn about the dangers of prejudice and hatred against the backdrop of the Holocaust. At the same time, visitors will learn about the potential each of us has to be an upstander.

Through this Expansion & Relocation, HHC will:

  • Create a unique, state of the art Holocaust museum nearly 7,000 square feet of space, opening in early 2019.
  • Move its nationally recognized programs and educator training workshops to the Cincinnati Museum Center.
  • Ensure that the irreplaceable mementos of the Holocaust and World War II will be preserved for future generations in its new climate controlled collections space.
  • Offer more on-site programming utilizing classroom and auditorium spaces.
  • Bring world-class temporary exhibits focused on the Holocaust and its lessons to the community.

Learn more about HHC’s relocation and expansion to Union Terminal. 

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati (JFC) of Cincinnati is partnering with HHC to ensure a successful capital campaign transforms vision into reality.