“If we do not talk about it, if we do not remember, then the world will never know. And that has made me speak about it.”

—Henry Meyer, Holocaust Survivor

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The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education would be happy to hear from you! Please use the form below to contact CHHE for general questions, or reach out directly to one of the people listed below. Thank you!

The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education

8401 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio   45236
Phone: 513.487.3055
Fax: 513.791.4920
Email: info@holocaustandhumanity.org

Sarah L. Weiss

Executive Director
 Phone: 513.487.3091
Email: sweiss@holocaustandhumanity.org 

Jodi Elowitz

Director of Education
Phone: 513.487.3055
Email: jelowitz@holocaustandhumanity.org

Kate Morris

Development Manager
Phone: 513.487.3055
Email: kmorris@holocaustandhumanity.org

Cori Silbernagel 

Collections Manager
Phone: 513.487.3055
Email: csilbernagel@holocaustandhumanity.org

Trinity Ruggles

Education Coordinator
Phone: 513.487.3055
Email: truggles@holocaustandhumanity.org

Lisa Shusterman

Office and Program Coordinator 
Phone: 513.487.3055
Email: lshusterman@holocaustandhumanity.org



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