“If we do not talk about it, if we do not remember, then the world will never know. And that has made me speak about it.”

—Henry Meyer, Holocaust Survivor

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The Holocaust & Humanity Center has produced several films and books. For more information on any of these materials, or to purchase, please contact The Center at 513-487-3055 or info@holocaustandhumanity.org.




RESCUE IN THE PHILIPPINES: REFUGE FROM THE HOLOCAUST recounts a fascinating, yet seldom-told, chapter in World War II history. The documentary chronicles a real-life Casablanca, in which a high-profile group of poker buddies — including Colonel Dwight Eisenhower — devised an intricate international plan of rescue and re-settlement, saving 1,300 Jews from Nazi concentration camps. Rescue in the Philippines tells this story through interviews with historians, relatives of key participants, and first-person accounts from refugees who detail their harrowing escape from Europe and immigration to the Philippines.

The Rescue in the Philippines DVD can be purchased for $20 including tax, plus $5 for shipping. (*DVDs are shipped, in bulk, on Fridays). Discounts available for purchases greater than 5.

For more information, contact Trinity Ruggles at 513-487-3055.

The documentary is also available for download. To learn more, please click here. 

Educational DVD and Guide Now Available

Thanks to generous support from the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, The Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education is excited to announce its newest educational guide, Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust, to accompany the 30-minute classroom film version of the original one-hour series produced by 3Roads Communications.

The educational guide, geared toward students in grades seven and above and aligned with Common Core State Standards, includes classroom-ready activities, informational texts and primary documents which can be used to supplement a unit on the history of the Holocaust and World War II.

The educational guide and classroom version of the film can be purchased for $25 plus $10 for shipping. (*Guides are shipped, in bulk, on Fridays).

To order an educational copy of Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust, please complete this form.

Click here for a map of the Philippines.  Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin and adapted by HHC from its original.



Finding Family is an Emmy nominated one hour-long documentary produced by Channel 12 WKRC-TV in conjunction with The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education.

Finding Family follows Henry (Henzi) Blumenstein, a social worker and grandfather in America, on a journey back to Europe to meet the descendants of the family who saved him 60 years ago. It is an uplifting story of courage and hope and a moving testament to love and kindness. As we journey with Henry to reconnect with his foster family, we learn the true meaning of belonging in the human family.

The Finding Family DVD and companion guide can be purchased for $12 plus $4 shipping and handling fee. Schools and non-profits may purchase the Finding Family DVD and companion guide at a 50% discount, for $6 plus a $4 shipping and handling fee. Additional copies of the companion guide are available at $4 per copy. Please contact the Holocaust & Humanity Center at 513-487-3055 to purchase a copy of this film and companion guide.



last survivor

CHHE is proud to be in partnership with The Last Survivor to bring this film to your classroom FREE at no cost to you! This film documentary which follows four survivors of atrocity crimes-the Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur and Congo-as they rebuild their lives as survivors and refugees, is a moving testament for any audience.

There are two versions of this film available to bring into your classrooms, community centers, religious schools and organizations: a full length (90 minutes) and an abridged classroom version (30 minutes). The film is available through online streaming or you may request a DVD copy. An electronic educational guide is also available.

To schedule a screening, please complete the registration form.

For additional information, please contact Trinity Ruggles at truggles@holocaustandhumanity.org or 513-487-3055.




Dare to Speak 3“In our minds we always resisted.”

Dare to Speak: Voices of Resistance explores the variety of ways Jews resisted during the Holocaust—not only by taking up arms but also spiritually, artistically, and intellectually, as well as the very will to survive against their oppressors as an act of resistance. Dare to Speak won a Silver Addy Award in February 2010.

The documentary is available for purchase through HHC for $10, and includes a companion guide to assist educators. Please contact the Holocaust and Humanity Center at 513-487-3055 to purchase a copy.