“Everybody — every human being — has the obligation to contribute somehow to this world”

—Edith Carter, Holocaust Survivor

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Mapping Our Tears
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Lessons Not Learned:
Exploring Atrocity after the Holocaust

Through an exploration of six case studies of mass atrocities, this framework designed for students in grades 7th grade and above offers historical background, discussion questions and classroom activities, each aligned to the 2010 Ohio State Learning Standards and the Common Core Standards.

Case Studies Include:

  • Cambodian Genocide
  • Guatemalan Genocide
  • Atrocities in Bosnia and the Genocide at Srebrenica
  • Rwandan Genocide
  • Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
  • Atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge From the Holocaust Guide & Educational Version of Film



Educational DVD & Guide Now Available!

 Thanks to generous support from the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, The Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education is excited to announce its newest educational guide, Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust, to accompany the 30-minute classroom film version of the original one-hour series produced by 3Roads Communications.

The educational guide, geared toward students in grades seven and above and aligned with Common Core State Standards, includes classroom-ready activities, informational texts and primary documents which can be used to supplement a unit on the history of the Holocaust and World War II.

The educational guide and classroom version of the film can be purchased for $25 plus $10 for shipping. (*Guides are shipped, in bulk, on Fridays).

RESCUE IN THE PHILIPPINES: REFUGE FROM THE HOLOCAUST recounts a fascinating, yet seldom-told, chapter in World War II history. The documentary chronicles a real-life Casablanca, in which a high-profile group of poker buddies — including Colonel Dwight Eisenhower — devised an intricate international plan of rescue and re-settlement, saving 1,300 Jews from Nazi concentration camps. Rescue in the Philippines tells this story through interviews with historians, relatives of key participants, and first-person accounts from refugees who detail their harrowing escape from Europe and immigration to the Philippines.

To order a hard copy of Lessons Not Learned: Exploring Atrocities after the Holocaust or Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust, please complete this form.


Teaching About T4

Recently published in the British Journal: The Holocaust in History and Memory, in which CHHE’s Director of Educational Outreach, Alexis Storch, was a contributor. “Teaching About T4” integrates reflections from seven scholars and educators from Germany, Israel, the UK and the US, discussing how classroom educators can incorporate the Nazis’ persecution of people with disabilities into the larger history of the Holocaust.

Download the PDF version of this article.


The Last Survivor

The Last Survivor

The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Righteous Pictures on The Last Survivor Partnership Program.  The partnership centers on the award-winning film, The Last Survivor. This film explores the experiences of four survivors of genocide and atrocities as they rebuild their lives.  CHHE was selected as a partner to spread the film’s message of genocide awareness and education.  The partnership program will make the feature-length and classroom-version documentary, The Last Survivor, available to our constituents.

“After a three-year, intensive community and educational engagement campaign, we are excited to be partnering with such an established and well-respected organization in the field of genocide awareness and education to get our film seen by even more teachers, students, and engaged citizens,” said Michael Pertnoy, producer and co-director of The Last Survivor. For more information please visit thelastsurvivor.com/partners.

To schedule a screening or show it in your classroom, please complete the registration form. For additional questions, contact Trinity Ruggles by email at truggles@holocaustandhumanity.org or by calling 513-487-3055.