“Tolerance is what keeps humanity together, I believe.”

—Anne Willem Meijer, Member of the Dutch Resistance

Evening Workshops

The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education hosts several works for educators each year. Attend one of these workshops and receive free resources, network with other educators, and learn new tips and techniques to enhance Holocaust education in your classroom.

Watchers of the Sky Educator Workshop

Wednesday, March 1 4:30 PM-6:30 PM CHHE

Join us for an engaging workshop focusing on the award-winning documentary film Watchers of the Sky.  The film examines the cycles of mass violence and the world’s response to them, from multiple perspectives. Watchers of the Sky takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey, from Nuremberg to Rwanda, from Bosnia to Darfur, and from apathy to action.  The film’s characters share the belief that despite seemingly intractable obstacles, we as empowered citizens, have the ability to be active change-makers; working towards ending cycles of violence and holding perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Participants will gain access to film clips and lesson plans for the classroom.  The workshop will be facilitated by Elizabeth Bohart, Executive Producer & Director of Strategic Outreach for Watchers of the Sky. She is a social impact strategist who helps organizations build innovative, community-driven initiatives. Elizabeth is currently working to create an active, global community of ‘watchers’ – individuals that realize the moral imperative of ending cycles of violence, and work to improve the lives of vulnerable communities.  


Space is limited, reserve your spot today. Dinner and contact hours will be available.