“Everybody — every human being — has the obligation to contribute somehow to this world”

—Edith Carter, Holocaust Survivor

Joan Mermelstein

Cincinnati Eyewitnesses: Joan Mermelstein 

Joan Feuerman Mermelstein (1917-2008) was born to Rose and Israel Feuerman in the town of Turja (Carpathia, Czechoslovakia).

“How can one describe “A Woman of Valor”? Her worth is far greater than rubies.”
Proverbs 30:10

“Where can wisdom be found? Where is the place of understanding? The price of wisdom is far greater than rubies.”
Job 28:12

In CHHE’s Her Story Must Be Told collection of profiles of women in the Holocaust, we learn that Joan was carried out on a stretcher from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp by two British soldiers. The liberating soldiers found her sister Sarah dead and Joan near death. As they lifted her onto a ship that would take her to a hospital, one soldier put into her pocket five photographs that he had taken of the camp. He whispered into her ear: “Tell the World.”

Joan wrote about her life in Out From the Ashes: My Life Story in 2001. It was prepared by Sonia R. Milrod and printed by Northern Hills Synagogue-Congregation B’nai Avraham, 5714 Fields Ertel Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249. (513)931-6038.