“If we do not talk about it, if we do not remember, then the world will never know. And that has made me speak about it.”

—Henry Meyer, Holocaust Survivor

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HHC can accommodate a maximum of 120 students on a field trip. Please submit any changes to the scheduled number of students and chaperones at least one week prior to the day of the tour. Groups of 15 or less may be merged with other small tour groups. Please note groups will be asked to provide payment for the final number submitted to HHC and not by the number of students and chaperones who arrive on the day of the tour.

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Please provide two preferred dates for your tour below. Tours should be reserved two weeks before your visit. Please check with your administration and school calendar before submitting dates. We allow one reschedule for weather related cases. We will make every effort to accommodate your group if these start times pose a challenge. Please note, your tour is not scheduled until you receive either a phone call or email confirmation from HHC.

**Before selecting your requests for dates, please check the HHC calendar to make sure your date is available by visiting our CALENDAR. Link will open in a new tab. Confirm date is available and come back here to select it below.

First Requested Tour Date & Time Option:*

Second Tour Date & Time Option:*

A Speakers’ Bureau presentation adds an additional 60 minutes to your total time at HHC. On Sundays tours begin at 11:30am and 1:00pm. The length of your tour depends on the number of students and the number of other tour requests. An estimated tour length will be sent to you once this form has been submitted. Please allow for at least a one (1) hour tour and field trip per 30-60 students and two (2) hour field trip per 90-120 students.

Other Requests:

Whenever possible, HHC will provide a speaker as part of a group’s tour. HHC’s Speakers’ Bureau is comprised of Holocaust survivors, eyewitnesses, and descendants of survivors who share with students their family’s personal experience during the Holocaust. We ask for a minimum of 15 students in a group in order to schedule a survivor to speak. If your group is smaller than 15, please contact HHC. Please check below if you prefer not to include a speaker during your visit to HHC.

I would *NOT* like my students to hear from a speaker.

Special Requirements:

Please list any special student and/or teacher needs HHC should take into consideration.


HHC is able to provide time for students to enjoy lunch. Please select one of the following lunch options:

My group will not require lunch while at HHC.Please send me a list of local eateries.I would like time to be set aside for a twenty minute snack, which my school will provide and will be Kosher.

Paying your Tour Deposit

HHC requires all groups submit a $50 non-refundable deposit immediately after submitting their request form. This deposit will be applied to your final balance. After submitting this form, you will be redirected to where you can pay and submit your deposit online.

Student Group Rates

HHC requests a $5 donation per student. We require one adult chaperone (18 years or older) for every 10 students at no additional cost. Paraprofessionals accompanying students are also no additional cost. Any additional adults are $10. Any additional adults are asked to pay our suggested admission cost of $10. HHC also offers The Gary and Loretta Rabiner Family Tours for Tolerance Program which subsidizes costs such as admission and transportation costs. Please follow the link below or contact HHC to receive guidelines and an application for The Gary and Loretta Rabiner Family Tours for Tolerance Program.


Number of students x $5 = $*

Number of additional adults x $10 = $*

For TOTAL COST, please add 'student' and 'additional adult' costs from above:

Total Cost = $

Paying Your Remaining Balance:*

Payment is expected prior to or on the day of your tour. If you would like to pay by credit card, please call HHC at (513)487-3055. Please check the method of payment and mark all that apply:

CashCheckPurchase OrderCredit Card
*Credit Card payment method may only be processed on the day of your tour or contacting HHC at 513-487-3055.

How did you hear about the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education?*

News StoryTeacher FairEducator EmailWebsiteMailingWord of MouthSearch EngineOther (please clarify below)

HHC Mailing List:

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Following my field trip all teachers attending the trip will complete a field trip evaluation.

Signature Confirmation

In order for your tour to be scheduled, you must sign below. You will receive confirmation of your tour time and date within one week of submitting your form. Please note, your tour is not scheduled until you receive either a phone call or email confirmation from HHC.

  • A final number of students and chaperones must be given to HHC one week before your tour. Groups will be charged based on the final number given to HHC.
  • Groups will submit payment to HHC either before their scheduled tour date or on the day of the tour.
  • Groups will arrive at HHC 15 minutes before their scheduled tour time. Students will remain on the bus until the educator contact has checked in at the HHC office. A HHC staff member will lead the group into the building. If you are running late on the day of your tour, please call HHC at 513-487-3055.
  • All students, teachers and chaperones must have visible name tags prior to entering HHC. Bus drivers are also welcome to join the tour. We ask that they check in with the HHC office before the tour begins.
  • Students and chaperones will be evenly divided into groups of no more than 30 students prior to your arrival at HHC.
  • Chaperones will remain with their group throughout the entire visit. Group management will not be the responsibility of HHC staff or volunteers. HHC reserves the right to remove unmanageable groups.
  • Upon arriving, visitors may use the school's shared restrooms, but once the tour has begun, please use the restroom in our exhibit.
  • One male or female teacher is required to escort students to the restrooms, except when using the restroom in our exhibit.
  • Flash photography is prohibited at HHC. Visitors may take photos with the flash turned off.
  • HHC has minimal storage for backpacks, coats, or any other items. We ask that these items be left on the bus. HHC is also not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Kosher snacks may be stored in the HHC offices.
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited while at HHC.

I have read and understand the regulations and procedures for a group visit to the Holocaust & Humanity Center. Please Sign Electronically Below:*

After clicking submit, you will be redirected to a deposit page. Please note that your request cannot be processed by HHC until a $50 deposit is paid. Please note that if you do not get this screen your response has not been recorded. For a pdf copy of this form, please contact HHC.

For any questions contact the Holocaust & Humanity Center at (513) 487-3055.

CLICK HERE for the Mapping Our Tears Pre-Visit Guide.