“Tolerance is what keeps humanity together, I believe.”

—Anne Willem Meijer, Member of the Dutch Resistance


Student internships with the Holocaust & Humanity Center are opportunities to learn and work on a variety of unique projects. Interns come from a diversity faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities, as well as academic disciplines, including, but not limited to, Communication, Arts, Theology, History, Education, Business, English, Computer Sciences, German, and International Relations.

Current and previous internship experiences have included:

  • Planning and developing exhibits
  • Working with educators to develop resource and study guides
  • Transcribing and coordinating survivor testimonies
  • Creating a Public Relations Campaign through community outreach
  • Organizing and maintaining the educational library resources
  • Updating and maintaining website
  • Creating short videos of eyewitness testimonies
  • Developing and promoting Holocaust Awareness Programs
  • Museum guides

The Center is looking for students who are:

  • Comfortable in cooperative and leadership positions
  • Proficient in communication skills
  • Responsible and reliable and computer literate
  • Interested in social justice, diversity, and interfaith issues
  • Willing to expand their minds

Interns can receive school credit and/or service hours. They gain valuable real world experience, and explore their own understandings and beliefs.

We believe that interns contribute their own talents and interests to The Center, and will be encouraged to develop those interests through the many opportunities offered. Contact us to learn more!

By email: info@holocaustandhumanity.org
By phone: 513.487.3055