“Tolerance is what keeps humanity together, I believe.”

—Anne Willem Meijer, Member of the Dutch Resistance

International Shared Reading Project

Creating global citizens by confronting indifference and prejudice through an international learning community.

The International Shared Reading Project (ISRP) is a school-based educational program linking American and Israeli students in the reading, study, and online discussion of Holocaust literature and history.

Created in 1996, by the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum, the Holocaust and Humanity Center took over the program in 2013, in partnership with the Jewish Federations of Youngstown and Canton Ohio. Since then we have matched 12 partner schools reaching over 750 students per year in Ohio, Kentucky and Israel.

Designed for middle and high school students, the project matches American and Israeli schools, creating partnerships between both teachers, and students. Teachers from the U.S. and Israel work together to prompt discussion and create projects based on readings from the Elie Wiesel’s Night (high school) and Uri Orlev’s The Island on Bird Street (for middle school). Students get to know one another through asking and answering questions about the readings, while sharing information about their lives.

For more information contact Jodi Elowitz, Director of Education jelowitz@holocaustandhumanity.org