“If we do not talk about it, if we do not remember, then the world will never know. And that has made me speak about it.”

—Henry Meyer, Holocaust Survivor

Speakers’ Bureau

The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education offers access to individuals who have been affected by the Holocaust and the events of World War II: Holocaust survivors, Holocaust refugees, World War II veterans and concentration camp liberators, and other eyewitnesses. Additionally, children and grandchildren of survivors, and trained experts and educators are available to speak to your group. The Speakers’ Bureau can help connect your schools and community organizations with these people, and arrange to have them speak to your group.

Werner Coppel

Speakers can participate at events anywhere in the Tri-State area. Special arrangements can be made for an eyewitness to speak to your group in conjunction with a visit to Mapping Our Tears.

Some speakers are accompanied by a Powerpoint, while others do not. The technology needs of each individual vary and will be discussed prior to your scheduled presentation. Speakers typically spend about an hour with a group.

Stephane Marks

The Center staff will work with you to ensure a meaningful program. We recommend contacting the Center at least one month in advance before the desired presentation. A donation to the Center of $100 is suggested to cover the costs incurred by this program.

To schedule a speaker, please complete the Speakers’ Bureau Request Form. After submitting the form, you will receive a reply within one week. If you do not receive a reply within one week, please contact CHHE at 513-487-3055. Your presentation is not booked until you receive either an email or phone confirmation from CHHE.