“Everybody — every human being — has the obligation to contribute somehow to this world”

—Edith Carter, Holocaust Survivor

The Coppel Speakers’ Bureau

The Holocaust & Humanity Center offers access to individuals who have been affected by the Holocaust and the events of World War II: Holocaust survivors, Holocaust refugees, World War II veterans and concentration camp liberators, and other eyewitnesses. Additionally, children and grandchildren of survivors, and trained experts and educators are available to speak to your group. The Coppel Speakers’ Bureau can help connect your schools and community organizations with these people, and arrange to have them speak to your group.

The Coppel Speakers’ Bureau is named for Holocaust survivors, Trudy & Werner Coppel. Trudy & Werner spend their lives supporting Holocaust education and the Coppel Speakers’ Bureau ensures their legacy lives on. Watch the video below to learn more about Trudy & Werner. 


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Choose a date and time preference below for the speaker's presentation. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks before the presentation date. Please check with your administration and school/activity calendar before submitting dates. We allow one reschedule for weather related cases. Presentations are typically 45 minutes and include: 1/2 hour presentation and 15 minutes of questions from the audience. Please note that speakers will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to his/her scheduled presentation time.


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Speakers' Bureau Donation

HHC requests a $100 donation for Speakers’ Bureau presentations. If your school/organization is more 20 miles from our offices, we ask that you reimburse the speaker's travel expenses also. If your group needs assistance with the donation, please contact The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education directly at 513-487-3055.

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Please do not give the donation to the speaker. Please send the donation directly to the Holocaust & Humanity Center. Please check the method of payment below. If you would like to pay with a credit card, please contact HHC at 513-487-3055.

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In order for your presentation to be scheduled, you must sign below. You will receive confirmation of your presentation time and date within five business days of submitting your form. Please note, your Speakers’ Bureau presentation is not scheduled until you receive either a phone call or email confirmation from HHC.

  • HHC cannot guarantee a specific speaker to present to your group.
  • HHC is not responsible for changes in the speaker’s schedule. If a presentation is canceled, HHC will work with you to organize another presentation.
  • Groups hosting the speaker will provide the speaker’s technology needs and a bottle of water.
  • One week prior to the presentation date, please send arrival, parking, and check in instructions the speaker may need when entering the building and connecting with the contact.
  • A cell phone number for the contact person must be provided.
  • Contact person will coordinate for an escort to meet speaker upon his/her arrival.
  • Please alert HHC if you plan to video the speaker’s presentation.
  • Please reference that the speaker is part of The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education’s Speakers’ Bureau in your marketing materials.

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Once this form has been submitted you will be taken to a screen which will state that your response has been recorded. Please note that if you do not get this screen your response has not been recorded. For a pdf copy of this form please contact HHC.

For any questions contact the Holocaust & Humanity Center at (513) 487-3055.