Celebrating 20 Years

Since Union Terminal’s opening in 1933, the stories of millions of people have echoed through the walls of the bustling, Art Deco building. It was here that so many Holocaust survivors stepped inside the train station to start a new part of their lives in Cincinnati. Now 75 years after the end of World War II, the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center exists within Union Terminal to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust – and the personal stories of local survivors – inspire action today.

Within the past two decades, HHC has evolved from a small center founded by survivors and their family members to a leading organization and museum that brings the lessons of the Holocaust into the civic conversation in Cincinnati and nationwide. To honor that progress, the Holocaust & Humanity Center will commemorate its 20th Anniversary by “Carrying Our Story Forward.” With a year of engaging digital programs, new museum additions, continued educational trainings, and critical fundraising efforts, the Holocaust & Humanity Center will take constituents on a celebratory, interactive journey that explores our own story – while honoring the important power that storytelling can have on us all.

HHC will honor the stories that have defined us and reaffirm our commitment to share them for decades to come. Regardless of what form this takes – from museum tours to digital webinars – we carry these stories forward because of the survivors who had the courage, willingness, and heart to share their experiences at the start. Stories can touch us in different ways. They can break us, build bridges, help us understand our own humanity, and even inspire action today. This year, the Holocaust & Humanity Center invites you to join the next chapter of our story.

Upcoming Events

Programs held throughout the 20th anniversary year will help us engage in honoring our history, engaging in remembrance, and encouraging us to be upstanders in today’s world. Click here to learn more about upcoming HHC programs.

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