The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center is pleased to offer exciting, new professional development offerings for educators and school administrators in 2021.

HHC’s trained staff is ready to deliver high quality in-person, or virtual professional development to educators from all content areas. Below you will see a menu of opportunities to support educators in developing students’ critical thinking and literacy skills, while empowering them to become civically engaged and globally competent individuals.

Email Lauren Karas, Education Outreach Manager, at [email protected], for more information.

Developing Empathy & Critical Thinking through Holocaust Education
Research shows that students who are exposed to high quality Holocaust education exhibit more tolerance, higher critical thinking skills, and a strong sense of civic engagement and social responsibility. In this dynamic workshop, educators will be presented with best practices in Holocaust education from contextualizing the Holocaust for adolescent learners to harnessing the power of survivor testimonies and primary sources. Teachers from across content areas will leave with creative, Common Core-aligned strategies to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today.

Stemming the Tide of Hate: How to Respond 
With hate crimes in the United States soaring to record highs, educators may find themselves ill-equipped to unpack these unsettling statistics with students. Whether it is effectively addressing antisemitism, xenophobia, or racism in your school community, or on the national stage, HHC staff are here to support school personnel. Using research-driven strategies, this workshop provides educators with a framework for navigating these difficult conversations with students and preparing students to take informed action against hate at home.

From Bystander to Upstander: Harnessing Character Strengths to Take Action
What does it mean to be an Upstander? Upstanders are individuals who use their Character Strengths to stand up for others, fight against injustice in both big and small ways, and inspire action. In this interactive workshop, educators will identify their own character strengths and reflect on how best to leverage them in a classroom setting. Workshop participants will also glean strategies for guiding students in activating their unique character strengths to become upstanders in their communities. School districts with equity and inclusion, service learning, or youth leadership initiatives will find this workshop especially applicable.

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