International Shared Reading Project The Shared Reading Project connects 24 schools in America and Israel. Students in classrooms throughout Ohio and Israel are paired together to read a piece of Holocaust literature and then engage in dialogue with peers in a specially designed online discussion forum. This project aims to help American and Israeli students comprehend the complexity of the Holocaust while encouraging discussion and reflection with a person of their own age, but from a different culture. This program was originally created by The Ghetto Fighters’ Museum in northern Israel and acquired by HHC in 2014.

Support Hope After Hate Hope After Hate seeks to fight acts of prejudice and hatred today by learning from modern history’s greatest such act, the Holocaust. This immersive educational tool uses virtual reality and multimedia to bring the audience inside the story of a Holocaust survivor, while relating his journey to current events. The project serves as a resource for teachers who want to incorporate lessons of humanity and social justice into their classrooms, empowering students to speak up and challenge discriminatory acts and language. It also creates a platform for civil discussion among community groups to encourage our collective personal responsibility to create a more just society. To donate to the project, click the link above and make sure to type “For Hope After Hate” under “Submit message to Holocaust & Humanity” or funds will divert to other programs.

Jewish Foundation for the Righteous HHC is part of JFR’s Holocaust Centers of Excellence Program. Each year we receive two scholarships to send local educators to JFR’s Summer Institute for Teachers to become Alfred Lerner Fellows. In addition, HHC sponsors education workshops that include the subject of rescue, drawing on JFR materials and training models.

OHIO HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL With Council members representing different parts of the State of Ohio, HHC is pleased to have the Ohio Council on Holocaust & Genocide Education (OCHGE) under its auspices. The Ohio Council was created in 1986 by an executive order of former Governor Celeste. The Council is an organization dedicated to expanding and improving Holocaust and genocide education in Ohio and throughout the country. To accomplish its objective, the nonprofit provides educators with accurate, relevant, and useful materials for teaching about the Holocaust and other genocides.

Ohio Holocaust and Genocide Education Council The mission of the Ohio Council on Holocaust and Genocide Education is to advance and improve Holocaust and genocide education in Ohio through professional development, educator workshops, and the dissemination of tools that connect educators and the public with accurate, relevant, and useful educational resources.

USC Shoah Foundation HHC partners with the USC Shoah Foundation on incorporating visual testimony in educator workshops through the IWitness program, allowing teachers to utilize lessons and activities based on eyewitness testimony to the Holocaust and other genocides.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum HHC staff creates workshops for local teachers in partnership with USHMM.