The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center is committed to training future teachers to successfully teach the Holocaust upon entering the classroom. Whether pre-service teachers will teach the Holocaust or other related topics, a background in Holocaust education helps educators create rationales for teaching any complex subject and provides valuable tools to engage students in critical thinking and literacy skills. It also helps educators as individuals to develop empathy and understanding.

From exploring basic guidelines around teaching the Holocaust to examining the factors that led to rise of Nazism and the Final Solution, pre-service teachers will gain access to classroom resources and leave with a solid foundation to effectively teach this complex history. HHC offers the following workshop to pre-service teachers: 

Session 1 – Definitions & Guidelines: What are best practices for teaching the Holocaust? Why is it important to define the Holocaust for students?  

Session 2 – Historical Context: What were the historical conditions that led to the Holocaust? How does a strong foundation in this history help combat current-day antisemitism and Holocaust distortion?  

Session 3 – Classroom Resources: What skills do students acquire through Holocaust education? What quality classroom resources are available?  

For more information, please contact Lauren Karas at 487-3055 or [email protected].