360 Tour & Activity
The 360 Tour & Activity is an asynchronous or synchronous extension activity that introduces students to the Holocaust and Humanity Center’s museum. Students will learn eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust through the testimony, artifacts, and photographs of local survivors. In addition, students will be able to make current-day connections to history. This resource can be used: as a preview to an in-person field trip, in conjunction with the 360 Tour, or as a stand-alone activity.

Upstander Activities
Activate your character strengths to be an upstander with interactive activity boards and an upstander mural activity. Designed for digital or in-person classroom use, the activity boards allow students to explore how they can make an impact and become the best of humanity today. The information sheet will help you navigate the boards and share the activity with your students. Cincinnati teachers and students can also explore and reflect on the upstander murals throughout Cincinnati using the upstander mural activity. Discussion questions and social media-inspired activities are included.

Night Interactive Activity
Extension Activity
Help students understand the historical context of Night by following HHC staff on a tour of the museum. The tour highlights the experiences of Elie Wiesel and local Holocaust survivors. Students will analyze excerpts from Night along with primary source testimony, photographs, and artifacts from the museum. 

Echoing Voices: Unpacking History
Primary Source Activity
Students unpack the story of a local eyewitness from a suitcase, creating a human connection with the past. Suitcases include video testimony, photos, and artifacts, with suggested activities to assist educators in integrating Echoing Voices into their existing curriculum. In addition to physical suitcases, Echoing Voices is also available digitally.

Rescue in the Philippines: An Upstander Story
Extension Activity
Rescue in the Philippines: An Upstander Story is an asynchronous or synchronous activity that emphasizes the importance of using one’s character strengths to be an Upstander through the plight of refugees in Germany in the 1930’s, and the group of men in the Philippines who came together to rescue them.