Upstander Events
& Programs

Now is the time to make your mark. Join our community of upstanders and learn how you can be the best of humanity today.

Annual Upstander Awards

The Upstander Awards recognize individuals in the region who use their character strengths to make a difference in the community. The event is part of the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center’s Cincinnati Upstander Weekend, which celebrates and uplifts the changemakers in our community. Other events include the Upstander 5K & Museum Family Day, and a new Upstander Volunteer Expo that allows visitors to engage with nonprofits across the region.

Upstander 5K & Family Day

The Upstander 5K takes runners and walkers on a scenic route around historic Union Terminal and throughout the West End and Over-the-Rhine. Participants will also enjoy live music, family activities, breakfast, and a pickleball tournament outside of Union Terminal.

Upstander Weekend

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At the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center, we’re building a community of upstanders—people who exemplify the best of humanity. Together, we can ensure the lessons of history inspire action today. As a Beacons of Humanity Business Partner, you show the community that your company's values are aligned with a mission-driven organization dedicated to education that inspires action for a brighter future. Let’s reach millions through educational programming, cutting-edge technology, innovative digital events, and museum experiences. Inspire others and meet your moment, today.