What is an upstander?

Upstanders are people who stand up for themselves and others. They harness their character strengths to meet their moment and pursue justice, both great and small, inspiring others to do the same. In our Humanity Gallery, you’ll draw inspiration from local upstanders who’ve brought positive change to our community.

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Activate Your Character Strengths. Be an Upstander.

Uncover your strengths.

First, take a 20-minute online assessment to learn your strengths. Afterwards, explore how your strengths position you to make your mark on our world today.

Get inspired by local upstanders.

Visit our museum to see how others who share your signature strengths have met their moment.

Take action and become an upstander.

Join the upstander community by attending one of our events or programs.

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Take Action + Be an Upstander

2023 Upstander Awards

Upstander Events and Programs

From our premiere Upstander Awards and Community Expo to our Upstander Service Day, explore opportunities to join with other change makers in pursuit of a better world.

Activate Your Character Strengths

Uncover your own potential by taking a quick online assessment that will uncover your signature strengths. Then visit the museum’s Humanity gallery to understand how you can use those strengths to make change around you. Discover your strengths today and become an upstander tomorrow.

Visit The Humanity Gallery

Once you’ve learned from the lessons of the past, look to how you can shape the future. The Humanity Gallery empowers visitors to make their mark on history. After learning about your own character strengths and exploring inspiring stories of upstanders throughout history, you will leave the museum equipped with the tools to become an upstander.

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