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It is more vital than ever to pass on the lessons of the Holocaust to future generations. As fewer Holocaust survivors and eyewitnesses remain, who will share their stories?

Your legacy gift will help sustain our work for years to come. By remembering the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center in your will or estate plan, you help us ensure testimonies of survivors and lessons of the Holocaust are shared with future generations.

Make an impact that will last for generations to come.

“I don’t want my past to become my grandchildren’s future.” Not even eighty years after the Holocaust, local Cincinnati survivor Zahava Rendler shares these words of warning in every talk she gives. Like many of us, she’s deeply worried about the rise in antisemitism in our city and around the world. How can we cement a legacy of safety, security, and justice for generations to come?


The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust and Humanity Center is preserving and sharing stories like Zahava’s – touching hearts and changing minds. In fact, 91.7 percent of surveyed individuals say they feel the responsibility to stand up to antisemitism and hate after attending one of our programs or visiting the museum. When you make a legacy gift to the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center, you ensure this work continues into perpetuity. You transform Zahava’s hope for a better world into a promise of a stronger tomorrow.

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Trudy & Joseph Rauh Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation z”l

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