Holocaust Speaker Series

Justin and Sonja “Sunny” Kirschner

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This week’s Holocaust Speaker Series will feature two speakers, 3rd Generation Holocaust Survivor Justin Kirschner, and his grandmother, Holocaust Survivor Sonja “Sunny” Kirschner, in conversation about her experiences during the Holocaust and the lasting legacy of this history. Sunny was born in Schwarzenborn, Germany in 1935. Her father, Siegfried was arrested on Kristallnacht, and spent three months in Dachau until he was released on the condition that he would leave Germany immediately. Sonja, her father, and mother Ruth, immigrated to Shanghai, China and lived with 20,000 other Jewish refugees in the Shanghai Ghetto. Justin Kirschner is the Regional Director of American Jewish Committee Cincinnati. A native Cincinnatian, he is a double graduate of Ohio University earning a B.A. in Political Science, minors in Business and Global Leadership, and a Master’s in Public and Nonprofit Administration from the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.