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Why and How Genocide Happens: The Hornstein Lecture with Scholar Dr. Hollie Nyseth

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Why do genocides occur and how can analyzing genocide prevent future violence? Over the past few decades, researchers have analyzed why genocides occur in an effort to prevent future violence. In this talk, Dr. Hollie Nyseth provides an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding the causes of genocide. Dr. Nyseth is an associate professor at the Ohio State University, whose work assesses why and how genocide happens and how countries rebuild in the aftermath. She will discuss how state-level factors influence the onset of genocide, while highlighting how predictive models use information on these factors to anticipate where genocide and other atrocities may occur in the future. She delves into the community-level factors that shape how genocides unfold differently in distinct communities, and why individuals participate in violence. To integrate research on the state, community, and individual factors that cause genocide, Dr. Nyseth draws from in-depth fieldwork in Rwanda.