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Edith Carter, Holocaust Survivor – Provides the perspective of a young adult girl in Czechoslovakia, newly married and building a life with her husband, Ernst. Both are deported to Terezin, then to Auschwitz.

Werner Coppel, Holocaust Survivor –Provides the perspective of a German male teenager who experiences the rise of Nazism firsthand, is then deported to Auschwitz with his Jewish youth group, and escapes during a death march.

Henry Fenichel, Holocaust Survivor – Provides the perspective of a very young Dutch boy who goes into hiding with his mother, is discovered and sent to Bergen Belsen where they are both later placed on Transport 222 to Palestine.

Henry Meyer, Holocaust Survivor – Provides the perspective of a young German Jew who was a violin virtuoso deported to Auschwitz and uses music to persevere.

Bella Ouziel, Holocaust Survivor –Provides the perspective of a young Greek girl who experiences ghettoization, is sent to Auschwitz, and after surviving a death march, is liberated at Bergen Belsen.

Zahava Rendler, Holocaust Survivor – Provides the perspective of a very young Jewish Polish girl hidden during the war in an underground bunker then eventually a convent where her father finds her after the war.

Anne-Willem Meijer, Non-Jewish Resistance – Provides the perspective of a non-Jewish boy who participated in resistance activities, aiding Jews in hiding with Corrie Ten Boom (The Hiding Place).

Matt & Anneliese Yosafat, Holocaust Survivors – A combined story providing the perspective of a young German girl and a young Greek boy who separately go into hiding with their families. Meeting in America after the war, the two marry after bonding over similar experiences during WWII.

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Edith CarterWerner CoppelHenry FenichelBella OuzielZahava RendlerAnne-Willem MeijerMatt & Anneliese YosafatHenry Meyer

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