Echoing Voices: Unpacking History
Primary Source Activity

Students unpack the story of a local eyewitness from a suitcase, creating a human connection with the past. Suitcases include video testimony, photos, and artifacts, with suggested activities to assist educators in integrating Echoing Voices into their existing curriculum.


Click on the eyewitness’ name below to learn more about their story and access digital classroom resources. 

Zahava Rendler was born Golda Feuerberg in Stryi, Poland on March 30, 1941. Zahava and her family hid in an underground bunker until her parents decided it was too dangerous and sent her to live with a Polish woman. The woman, fearing she would be discovered, placed Zahava in a convent where she survived and was found by her father. 

Matt and Anneliese Yosafat met and were married in the U.S. after the war, bonding over their experiences during WWII. Anneliese (Leopold) was born on February 14,1937. After being notified of deportation on September 18, 1942, her family went into hiding. After moving to various places they fled to Bludenz, Austria and began passing themselves off as Christians, hiding in plain sight.

Matt was born on August 8,1936 in Katerini, Greece. After the Nazis occupied Greece the family went into hiding after hearing the Jews were going to be deported. The family hid in various places including a cave and a tobacco shelter.  

Anne-Willem Meijer was born on July 4, 1931 in Haarlem, Netherlands. At age 11 he was asked by Corrie ten Boom, a neighbor and member of the Dutch underground, to be a “runner”. delivering food coupons to families hiding the Jews. He and the resisters were arrested and Anne-Willem was sent to the transit camp of Vught. He escaped from the camp and returned home only to find that his family was gone. He lived on the streets until the Dutch were liberated in 1945.

Elmer Reis and Milton Schloss were American soldiers from Cincinnati who participated in the liberation of Ohrdruf concentration camp with the 3rd Armored Division. Reiss and Schloss provide their perspectives of liberation and what they witnessed at Ohdruf, and how it affected their lives. 


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