The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center exists to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today. HHC achieves this through a variety of resources, workshops, and programs to help educators increase and gain knowledge of Holocaust history, assisting in making connections to our world today. HHC provides teachers with best practices, pedagogy, and teaching strategies in Holocaust and humanity education.

Spotlight on New Professional Development Offerings

For educators and school administrators in 2021, HHC’s trained staff is ready to deliver high quality in-person, or virtual, professional development to educators from all content areas. These opportunities support educators in developing students’ critical thinking and literacy skills, while empowering them to become civically engaged and globally competent individuals. Please contact Lauren Karas, Education Outreach Manager, at [email protected].

Customizable Experiences and Presentations

Let our trained experts and educators design interactive experiences and presentations based on the needs of your group. Topics include: The Holocaust, racism, hatred, bigotry, antisemitism, as well as leadership, inspiring upstander behavior, character building, and empowerment. Visit our Virtual Offerings page to learn more about available online offerings and request an experience with the Virtual Offerings Contact Form.

Educator Programs and Resources

Virtual Offerings
Learn about HHC’s virtual and live stream tours, speaker presentations, workshops, and other compelling online offerings for groups. Please contact Sarah Schneider, Program Coordinator, at [email protected], or submit the VIRTUAL OFFERINGS CONTACT FORM.

Upstander Activities
Activate your character strengths to be an upstander with interactive activity boards and an upstander mural activity. Designed for digital or in-person classroom use, the activity boards allow students to explore how they can make an impact and become the best of humanity today. The information sheet will help you navigate the boards and share the activity with your students. Cincinnati teachers and students can also explore and reflect on the upstander murals throughout Cincinnati using the upstander mural activity. Discussion questions and social media-inspired activities are included.

Recorded Tour of the Museum with a focus on Elie Wiesel’s Night
Reading Night by Elie Wiesel? Let us bring the museum to your classroom or to your students’ homes with a recorded tour featuring Night. Learn about Elie Wiesel and local Holocaust survivors as we take you on a highlight tour of the museum. Watch the tour in its entirety and/or have students view segments that are embedded in a PowerPoint with links to video testimony and other historical information. You can also have them navigate the tour with an activity sheet. Other resources are also included.

Digital Engagement Guide (Updated January 2021)
This digital engagement guide helps you navigate HHC’s digital offerings.

Coppel Speakers Bureau
The Coppel Speakers Bureau provides Holocaust survivors, descendants of survivors, and other experts a forum to share their stories with schools, organizations, and civic groups.

Echoing Voices: History Unpacked
With Echoing Voices, students unpack the story of a local eyewitness from a physical suitcase or digitally, creating a human connection with the past.

Traveling Exhibits
Host one of several original traveling exhibits related to the Holocaust.

Educator Workshops
HHC conducts workshops throughout the year to help educators gain a deeper knowledge about various aspects of the Holocaust. 

Roma & Sam Kaltman Holocaust Studies for Educators Summer Institute
Holocaust Studies for Educators is a summer institute for educators featuring leading experts in the field of Holocaust Studies, testimony of local Holocaust survivors, and discussion about best teaching practices for Holocaust education.

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Bystander to Upstander Youth Leadership Day
Youth Leadership Day is a daylong workshop for seventh and eighth grade students to gain leadership skills, empowering them to affect positive change.

Carrying the Stories Forward Writing Contest
Students in grades 7-12 in the Tri-State region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are invited to participate in HHC’s Carrying the Stories Forward Essay & Poetry Contest. Educators are encouraged to use this writing contest as a classroom exercise.

Rescue in the Philippines
In the Pacific, a group of individuals empathetic to the plight of Jewish refugees banded together and drafted a plan to bring German Jews to the Philippines. Learn more about this story with the Rescue in the Philippines film.