The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center exists to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today. HHC achieves this through a variety of resources, workshops, and programs to help educators increase and gain knowledge of Holocaust history, assisting in making connections to our world today. HHC provides teachers with best practices, pedagogy, and teaching strategies in Holocaust and humanity education.

Customizable Experiences and Presentations

Let our trained experts and educators design interactive experiences and presentations based on the needs of your group. Topics include: The Holocaust, racism, hatred, bigotry, antisemitism, as well as leadership, inspiring upstander behavior, character building, and empowerment.

Educator Programs and Resources

Digital Engagement Guide

Roma & Sam Kaltman Holocaust Studies for Educators Summer Institute

Advanced Workshops

Coppel Speakers Bureau

Traveling Exhibits

Echoing Voices

Rescue in the Philippines

Youth Engagement

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Bystander to Upstander Youth Leadership Day