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The Holocaust Speaker Series is held each Wednesday at 11 a.m. on Zoom. The series is sponsored by Margaret & Michael Valentine in partnership with the Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Center and the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. This week’s special Upstander edition speaker is Dominique Olbert.

Dominique’s parents were both Jewish refugees from World War II, who lost more than 80 family members during the war. As the president of the Kentucky Community Response Coalition, Dominque has developed a network of support services for asylum seekers and other immigrants. Simultaneously, she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and grants. Her nominator for the Upstander Awards said: “Since 2019 Dominique has been the catalyst for social services to immigrants and refugees. She led a partnership with Kentucky Refugee Ministries to serve Afghan arrivals by providing food complying with their Muslim religious beliefs, referral for medical and legal services, and providing household goods and clothing.”

Dominique sees the losses her family suffered as the motivation behind her work. “I have a wall in a hallway of my house, which has just black and white photos of many relatives who were killed during World War II,” she says. “I pass by this wall every day. The work I do with immigrants is very much my answer to this family history.”

For this incredible work in ensuring social services and more for asylum seekers and other immigrants, Dominique Olbert was recently awarded the Charles & Else Heiman Award for Kindness at the 2023 Upstander Awards

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