An Upstander Story
Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust is a valuable resource that connects Holocaust history to current events, emphasizes the importance of being an upstander, and brings to light the impact of people putting differences aside for the sake of humanity.

What is an upstander?
Upstanders are individuals who stand up for others and their rights. They fight against injustice and unfairness, and they use their character strengths to inspire action and become the best of humanity today. Anyone can be an upstander.

When Nazi policies stripped Jews of their rights, dignity, and humanity, many Jews tried to flee. In the Pacific, a group of individuals empathetic to the plight of Jewish refugees banded together and drafted a plan to bring German Jews to the Philippines. The group included the Frieder brothers, cigar makers from Cincinnati; Paul McNutt, former Governor of Indiana and acting High Commissioner of the Philippines; and Manuel Quezon, President of the Philippines. Using their social, political, and economic influence, as well as teamwork, perseverance, and creativity they rescued approximately 1,300 Jewish refugees.

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Upstander Activity Boards
With these interactive activity boards, students will learn how to activate their character strengths to become upstanders.

Upstander Activity Boards

Strengths Spotting Activity: Rescue in the Philippines
This activity helps student learn how to spot character strengths through the stories of the Frieder brothers, Paul McNutt, and Manuel Quezon.

Strength Spotting Activity: Rescue in the Philippines

How I Use Rescue in the Philippines in the ELA & Social Studies Classroom

Coming Soon: Rescue in the Philippines, An Upstander Story: Recorded Tour and Activity Package
Learn the story of the Frieder brothers and local survivors in a recorded tour of the museum.

Coming Soon: Educator Version of the Rescue in the Philippines Film

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