Engage with History by Hearing from a Witness to History

“Hearing the experience of the speaker made it more real for kids and they were shocked that this could happen to millions of people. They found it really sad, but important—so that it never happens again.”

Build empathy in your students through the power of personal testimony by inviting a Holocaust survivor to speak in your classroom. The Coppel Speakers Bureau provides a forum for Holocaust survivors and their descendants to share their stories with students, either in person or virtually. 

Support for this program was provided by Jewish Home of Cincinnati.

To schedule a speaker, please fill out all of the information below. Speakers Bureau requests must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. HHC recommends speakers for audiences over the age of 11.

In order for your presentation to be scheduled, you must sign below. You will receive confirmation of your presentation time and date within five business days of submitting your form. Please note, your Speakers Bureau presentation is not scheduled until you receive either a phone call or email confirmation from HHC.

  • HHC cannot guarantee a specific speaker to present to your group.
  • HHC is not responsible for changes in the speaker’s schedule. If a presentation is canceled, HHC will work with you to organize another presentation.
  • Please alert HHC if you plan to record the speaker’s presentation. Please note that a recording of the speaker’s presentation cannot be used without our permission.
  • Please reference that the speaker is part of the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center’s Coppel Speakers Bureau in your marketing materials.