Thanks for attending the Upstander 5K. What’s next?

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Thank you for attending the UPSTANDER 5K, brought to you by the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center! This family-friendly event supported HHC’s CINCY UPSTANDER PROJECT, which aims to inspire our community to become upstanders through a city-wide art campaign, monthly programs, museum tours, and training opportunities. So, what’s next? There are several ways you can engage with the Holocaust & Humanity Center’s mission of ensuring the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today. 

  • Visit our AWARD-WINNING MUSEUM. Located at Cincinnati’s historic Union Terminal, the site where numerous Holocaust survivors arrived in Cincinnati to rebuild their lives, the museum examines this watershed moment through its local connection. The museum incorporates media, artifacts, art, and interactive exhibitions to share this history and its lessons. It also includes the Humanity Gallery where visitors explore moments, meeting individuals who activated their character strengths to become upstanders and bring change to our community and world.
    • What questions would you ask a Holocaust survivor? Find out with the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center’s newest in-person exhibit at Union Terminal. Using specialized recording and display technologies and next-generation natural language processing, DIMENSIONS IN TESTIMONY allows visitors to ask two-dimensional displays of Holocaust survivors questions and receive responses in real time.
  • Engage with the CINCY UPSTANDER PROJECT. Whether you take our online VIA CHARACTER STRENGTHS SURVEY or purchase “Justice is Worth Standing For” UPSTANDER APPAREL FROM CINCYSHIRTS, there are a multitude of ways to get involved with the Cincy Upstander Project. EXPLORE THE UPSTANDER PROJECT page today.


Are you looking for a way for your organization, company or school to engage with HHC’s mission? HHC staff can provide personalized digital programs, in-person museum experiences, and even upstander training opportunities. Contact us below.