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Bystander to Upstander: The Power of One During and After the HolocaustDr. Seuss Wants You!Facing PrejudiceFrom the Children, About the Children, For the Children: Art of the HolocaustHer Story Must be Told: Women's Voices from the HolocaustThe Notes Rose Up in Flames: Music & the HolocaustShouldering the Responsibility: The Story of Josef MotschmannHana's Suitcase

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Traveling Exhibit Borrowing Fee

HHC will contact you with an exact cost of the exhibit(s) based on your request. Exhibits are $350 for one month and $250 for each additional month. Shorter periods of time are also available at $90 per week. There are subsidies to cover the rental fees for K-12 schools in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana; however, borrowing schools will be responsible for shipping costs.

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CHHE will only ship Monday through Friday. Borrowing periods are weekly and cannot be shipped or delivered over the weekend. Please take this into consideration when determining your display dates and creating marketing materials. Please also check with your administration and school/activity calendar before submitting dates.

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Please see above for borrowing fees. HHC will determine the return date based on the information provided below.

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If an exhibit needs to be shipped, the organization scheduling the exhibit will also be expected to cover the cost of shipping both ways. For individuals and organizations in the Cincinnati area (up to 25 miles), HHC can drop off and pick up exhibits for a fee. Exhibits will be dropped off no more than 24 hours prior to the first day of the exhibit's display date. Deliveries and pick ups are scheduled during HHC business hours only and is contingent upon staff availability.

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  • Individuals or organizations reserving traveling exhibits must sign a loan agreement accepting responsibility for any damage which occurs during the borrowing period.
  • Exhibit(s) must be returned on the date specified in your loan agreement.
  • Please reference that the exhibit is on loan from the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center in your marketing materials.

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For any questions contact the Holocaust & Humanity Center at (513) 487-3055.