5 reasons why you should nominate an upstander today

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Written by Brianna Connock, Marketing & Outreach Associate

Upstanders are people who stand up for themselves and others whenever they can. They harness their character strengths to meet their moment and pursue justice, both great and small, and inspire others to do the same. We all know someone who exemplifies what it means to be an upstander.

Nominations for the 2024 Upstander Awards, a gala that recognizes these individuals who embody the meaning of being an upstander, are now open. Now is the time to reflect on the people you know that are making a difference in your community. Here are 5 reasons to nominate someone today.

Nominating someone shows you appreciate their work

Upstanders serve their community regardless of support or praise – they’re just doing what’s right. What better way to let them know you acknowledge and appreciate their work than by nominating them for the Upstander Awards?

They’ll have the chance to be selected as an Upstander Award Finalist

Select individuals will be named Upstander Award Finalists prior to the 2024 Upstander Awards. Last year, out of hundreds of nominations, 27 finalists were selected for their outstanding contributions to the community at a special Upstander Finalist Reveal Breakfast at historic Union Terminal. Read about last year’s finalists here.

Practice gratitude

The character strength of practicing gratitude can help improve levels of anxiety and stress. One way to work on your gratitude skills is by nominating an upstander you are grateful for.

They may be selected as a winner at the 2024 Upstander Awards

The 2024 Upstander Awards will be hosted on June 2, 2024 at historic Union Terminal. Last year, 9 nominees were recognized in front of a crowd of over 800 attendees at the event hosted by Master of Ceremonies Katie Couric. Give someone you know the chance to take the stage this year by nominating them today. Read the press release about last year’s winners here.

Learn more about your own strengths by appreciating others

As you reflect on the strengths of an upstander you know, you can also learn more about your own. After completing the Upstander Award nomination form, you can take the strengths survey to learn how you can meet your own moment and use your strengths in ways both big and small.

What are you waiting for? Nominate an upstander you know today.

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