Arnold Newfield

Arnold’s family fled Vienna in 1938. He was born in Westerbork, a transit camp in the Netherlands, a couple years later. The family was then separated, and his father sent

Helen Marks

Born in Belgium in 1941, Helen survived the Holocaust as a child. She now resides in Ohio. She was a social studies teacher and works with the Maltz Museum to

Ron Schwarz

Ron Schwarz is the son of Holocaust Survivor Charles Schwarz. As a boy, Charles lived in Nazi Germany before fleeing to France, witnessed the German occupation of France, and completed

Sharon Mirman

Sharon Mirman is the daughter of Partisan and Holocaust survivor Harry Schifman. Harry was born in 1919 in Zaklikow, Poland. He and his brother Moshe joined the Polish army around

Reggie Guigui

Reggie Guigui was born in Germany, the daughter of survivors from Poland and Czechoslovakia. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, a teacher by profession, and started lecturing when she realized

Shirley Mills

Shirley Mills is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. Born in a refugee camp in Italy, raised in Israel. Shirley came to the States as a young teen. Her parents’

Hershel Greenblat

In present-day Ukraine, Hershel Greenblat was born with the name Grischa Grinblat in 1941. Prior to World War II, his mother was born in Kremenchug, Ukraine and his father was

Henry Fenichel

Henry Fenichel was born in The Netherlands in 1938. Shortly after the Nazi rise to power, sensing the danger, Henry’s parents sent a request for their relocation to Palestine where

Justin and Sonja “Sunny” Kirschner

This week’s Holocaust Speaker Series will feature two speakers, 3rd Generation Holocaust Survivor Justin Kirschner, and his grandmother, Holocaust Survivor Sonja “Sunny” Kirschner, in conversation about her experiences during the

Lisa Macvittie

Lisa was born Liselotte (Lilly) to Kurt and Elisabeth Isaak in Berlin in 1932. Kurt was Jewish and Ruth was Lutheran. Lisa had been stricken with polio as a child

Sarah Schneider

In the fall of 1941, two sisters, Helli and Rita Buchholz, arrived in Cincinnati. Originally from Vienna, Austria, the girls’ parents made the difficult decision to send them on a