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Upstander Conversation Series: Building Community Through Food with La Soupe’s Suzy DeYoung

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Suzy DeYoung, a finalist for the 2023 Cincinnati Upstander Awards, delves into her personal story as an upstander while discussing La Soupe’s mission, which bridges the gap between food waste and hunger. Discover how character strengths can make a profound impact on our community.  As the founder of La Soupe, DeYoung leads a team that fights hunger by partnering with grocers, distributors, farmers and restaurants to turn millions of pounds of food waste to into meals for those in need. Suzy was inspired by her father, who, in his teens, was a resistance fighter in France during World War II. After the war, he was trained as a chef and immigrated to the U.S., where he became the first 5-star chef in Cincinnati. Following the conversation, La Soupe’s talented Culinary Team treats guests to a live food demonstration and delectable samples.