Opinion: Comparing war in Gaza to the Holocaust is inaccurate, ill-conceived

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If you haven’t read this opinion piece in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer by Dr. Michael Meyer, take the time to to do so now. 

Dr. Meyer, an internationally recognized scholar on Jewish history and a board member of the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center, expertly articulates why comparing the Holocaust to the war in Gaza is harmful and inaccurate:

“Nazi ideology demanded the destruction of all Jews simply because they were Jews,” Dr. Meyer writes. “As the Holocaust and Humanity Center’s museum here in Cincinnati graphically illustrates, the process began with removing Jews from positions of influence in German society, then proceeded gradually to depriving them of their property. With the pogrom of November 1938, it moved on to organized violence. And during World War II it culminated in the murder of approximately six million Jews, some by execution squads, others by gas chambers in death camps. The Nazis wanted utterly to wipe out what they called the Jewish “race.” By 1945, they had succeeded in destroying one-third of the Jews in the world. Like the Nazi ideology, that of Hamas is dedicated to Jewish destruction, not alone of the State of Israel but, at least in ideology, also of the Jewish people as a whole.”

We extend our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Meyer for lending his scholarly perspective on this important topic. Read the opinion piece here

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