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Standing Up Strong with Neal Mayerson Part 2

Standing Up Strong

We pick up the second part of our conversation with Neal, one of the founding researchers in the field of positive psychology. Neal helped us lay the groundwork to understand the science of character strengths, and how they are key to unlock our potential to be upstanders.

“What’s the pathway to really standing up against injustice? The pathway is knowing those things about yourself that are most important, that you want to make sure is preserved.”

– Dr. Neal Mayerson

Our top character strengths represent what we value most in the world, what is most essential about us, Neal explains. When we are faced with difficulty, our strengths can shine through, if we look for them. Noticing that will give you something to look for the next time you rise to meet a challenge – what character strength did I just lean on? Bravery? Kindness? Hope? Reflecting on that can bring new appreciation of yourself and your ability to navigate life’s ups and downs. Neal shared how knowing ourselves through the lens of character strengths can shed light on everything from our career goals to what we do in our off time, but we hope you remember first and foremost how your character strengths can be the way you stand up against injustice. That is what makes an upstander!

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