Youth Leadership Days inspire students from all over region

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The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center’s Jacob G. Schmidlapp Bystander to Upstander Youth Leadership Days inspired students from across the region at historic Union Terminal earlier this month.  

Nominated by their teachers to attend the program, hundreds of students learned how to use their strengths as upstanders and leaders in their communities.

This year marked record attendance for the programs, and it was the first year the Holocaust & Humanity Center offered this type of programming for high school students.

“We were so pleased to see such a variety of schools represented this year,” Brittany Pavely, the Holocaust & Humanity Center’s Youth & Family Engagement Manager, said. “It was an incredible opportunity for the students to interact with a diverse group of their peers.”

On March 4, 146 seventh and eighth grade students from 23 different schools and organizations participated in the program. Approximately 92% of these students felt inspired to treat others with kindness, and 87% felt better prepared to stand up for themselves and others.

“We got to truly learn how we can make an impact in the world and how to truly connect with others,” a student reflected.

“I found that the most valuable lesson of the day is what my character strengths are and how I can use them to benefit others,” one student said.

The following day, 55 ninth and tenth grade students from 10 different schools and organizations attended, with 97% leaving feeling inspired to treat others with respect and kindness. Approximately 94% of students indicated that they better understood their character strengths after the program.

“I found out how to change my perspective, to not just think about my story but about other people’s stories,” a participant commented.

Overall, more than 460 strengths spotting cards were given over the two days. Students left feeling better equipped to recognize not only their strengths, but the strengths in other people.

During the program, Bespoken, The Children’s Theatre and FC Cincinnati provided engaging programming that helped students develop their skills in leadership and communication.

To learn more about youth and family programs, visit our Youth & Family Programs page.

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