Standing Up to Hate: Upper Sandusky Library Team Confronts Neo-Nazi Curriculum

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Written by Brianna Connock, Marketing & Outreach Associate

When a homeschooling network in their town issued Nazi-approved curriculum, Krystal Smalley, Patti Davidson, and Rachel Keirns-Moore knew they needed to act. As part of the Upper Sandusky Library Team, they knew the library could be an essential source of information.

“If not us, then who will lead the charge to make a difference?” they asked.

Smalley, Davidson, and Keirns-Moore were awarded the Roma and Sam Kaltman Award for Love of Learning at the 2023 Upstander Awards for their efforts to bring Holocaust education and resources to their town. The Upstander Awards honored and celebrated individuals in the community doing inspiring work as upstanders. Read more about the Cohen Family Upstander Weekend.

The team found the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center as they searched for resources and were then able to bring in Holocaust survivor Henry Fenichel to speak about his experience during the war.

Since then, their local history museum has contacted Davidson to host programs to educate about the Holocaust. She has continued to keep the message about the Holocaust, its survivors, and its victims relevant within their community.

“As a library and staff, we will continue to educate and speak up. We will always stand up against injustices,” the team said. “If you feel something is wrong, an injustice has occurred, or that you want to make something better, then act on it. Don’t let your doubts or others’ opinions keep you quiet.”

Read the full press release about the 2023 Upstander Awards here.

The Cohen Family Cincinnati Upstander Weekend is presented by Duke Energy, Fifth Third Private Bank, the Mayerson Family Foundation, WCPO, and Procter & Gamble. 

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